Hilltop Cottage, DL11 7LY is to be found in Clints near Marske which is about 5 miles from Richmond near the left hand edge of this map.
Detailed directions -To find the high road from Richmond to Marske,  turn right in Richmond, just past the cricket club opposite a petrol station.  Or continue on the low road, the main road A6108, up Swaledale to Reeth and turn right at Downholme Bridge.
Coming into Marske from Richmond on the high road, turn Right in the village at the telephone box.  (Coming from Richmond on the low road (main road to Reeth) it’s a left turn!!).
NB.  Some Satnavs will take you across the bridge to the west side of the Marske Beck.  Not good unless your car is amphibious.
See the telephone box on the right in this picture?

Go up this road 100 yds and turn left in front of the houses in the middle distance.  There is a sign saying- No through road, no cars or motorbikes, which you ignore!.


Go through the gate; Through the field; Over the cattle grid; Into a group of houses.
Hilltop is above the rest of the cottages, past the chapel,  up a steep dog-leg track before the coach house.