Tone Analysis

Just for interest!  If you’re a bit confused about why we do these wicked witch / gormless gorilla vocal exercises, this graphic might help to explain.  Listen to the recording, 3 different ways of singing “ah”, mostly to do with soft palate position.

The graphic is a frequency analysis (logarithmic scale like a piano, up the left side; time left to right around 6 seconds as per the recording). The fundamental or main note is B 240 Hz just below middle C, the lowest band.  The first overtone / harmonic is the next band up (B 480 Hz above middle C), the next overtone is F 720 Hz, then B 960 Hz, then D 1200 Hz and so on.

So what we see is 1. the “gormless gorilla” ah, most of the sound energy is in the fundamental and first overtone

2. the energy is transferring to the 2nd and 3rd harmonics

3.  energy is transferring to the 3rd and 4th and much higher harmonics.

More energy in the higher overtones is penetrating, but perhaps not so nice to listen to!

So now you know!